About Bachus Center

Bachus Center was formed for charitable and educational purposes. Specifically, its purpose is to bring performing arts into the lives of people who would not otherwise have access. We believe all musically inclined students should have an equal opportunity to receive a quality music education from qualified and experienced music teachers regardless of their ability to pay. As funds become available, programs will include financial assistance when needed. Programs will offer quality music education and music career guidance, materials (e.g., musical instrument, music stand, sheet music), and performance opportunities for students of any age and/or any level. Individual program activities will intermingle which will provide depth and expand experiences. Opportunities will be provided for students to interact with professional musicians though master classes, private and/or class instruction, and performances.

Bachus Center for the Performing Arts
c/o Bachus Conservatory
Austin, TX 78750
512-45G-CLEF 512-454-2533