Library Program

The Bachus Center Library will house donated and purchased music items such as instruments, sheet music, music-related books and periodicals, CDs, DVDs, films, and music software. The Library will also house equipment such as microphones, amplifiers, music stands, instrument stands, and computers.

Materials, such as sheet music, music books, and equipment, may be checked out to all Bachus Center students and teachers. Instruments will only be checked out to scholarship students or their parent or legal guardian if the student is a minor. Adult supervision for off-campus loans of equipment will be required when appropriate.

As part of our charitable purpose, this activity provides a free library service for all Bachus Center students and teachers. It will loan the equipment for performances (e.g., music stands, microphones and amplifiers) as described in the Performance Outreach Program and for the Center's fundraising events. The library will loan musical instruments to the Center's scholarship students. As part of our educational purpose, the library will provide access to sheet music, music-related books, computers, and music software (i.e., music theory and music composition).